Romney takes commanding lead in Fox News Poll

Mitt Romney surged to 23%  of registered Republican voters and a 10 point lead over his nearest rivals in the latest Fox News poll.  Second and third places went to Rudy Giuliani at 13% and Sarah Palin at 12%, two individuals who are not yet candidates.  Romney’s closest competitors among the announced candidates were Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich at 7% each.  Michele Bachmann (5%), Tim Pawlenty (5%), Rick Santorum (4%) and Ron Paul (4%) were being left far behind.

The Fox News poll confirms the recent ABC News poll which placed Romney first with 21% and the Quinnipiac poll which showed Romney at 25%.  Palin was second in both of those polls.  Based on these latest results, Romney has now established himself as the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.


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