A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to the White House

People who just don’t get Mike Huckabee’s decision not to run for President should read Act 9.  Mike Huckabee had apparently set his sights on the White House, just as Paul had set his sights on Damascus, when something happened.  Something that only people of faith can understand.  God had a different plan.  And Mike Huckabee is first and foremost a Baptist minister, pledged to follow God’s will for his life.  He understands clearly that God is constantly telling individuals to do something counter to what they might want to do.

Huckabee’s letter on the “Pray for Huckabee” web-site, was a clear expression of his intent to seek God’s will, rather than follow the direction in which he was being pushed by friends and even family.  It includes an allusion to God’s call to Samuel in the night.  And the Bible is filled with examples of men who like Samuel heard the voice of God calling them and directing their lives.  I wonder if Huckabee has been reading Jonah, the prophet who tried to run away from God’s direct orders, only to be thrown overboard in the storm.  Perhaps, he feels that he is being led like Isaiah to preach to a sinful, hard-hearted nation.  Whatever his calling, Huckabee does feel that he has been called by God.  And that calling doesn’t involve being President of the United States.  My feeling  is that ultimately it doesn’t involve just having a television show on Fox News either.

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