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Obama’s Real Pastor Problem

Obama has a pastor problem, but it isn’t the Reverend Wallace Charles Smith.  The President’s real pastor problem is that he doesn’t have a pastor.  When he threw Jeremiah Wright under the bus after defending him in the speech that sent a tingle up Chris Matthews’ leg, he also resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ.  He said that his family looked forward to finding a new church in Washington, D.C.   Three years later, he still doesn’t have a church and a pastor.

Obama only attends church on Easter, Christmas and the Sunday before Election Day, so for him this is just another photo op.  Some have questioned his attending Shiloh Baptist, but Shiloh is an historic church founded by free black and former slaves during the Civil War.  Shiloh was a logical choice–he wasn’t going there primarily to worship, but to be seen.  The church also was included in ABC news coverage of Obama’s election and inauguration, so this was also a pay back for Obama.  Bill Clinton went to Shiloh the Sunday before the 2000 Presidential Election, in order to rev up the base.  Now that Obama is in full campaign mode, he also needs to rev up the base, particularly African Americans who have been losing faith in him.  After all, Hillary once attended seven churches in seven hours.  Expect more of the same from Obama, the closer we get to November 2012.


Obama’s Last Day–January 20, 2013

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